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More about dentures

Our dentures and denture services are some of the finest in the profession in Lancaster PA. How So?

  • High quality dentures are custom built in our own on-site dental lab and guaranteed.

  • Our denture technologist has over twenty-five years’ experience.

  • Our denture laboratory expert custom crafts our dentures using a 35 point inspection.

  • We custom craft four styles of dentures to fit the needs and budget of all of our potential customers

  • We stock over 100 shades, molds and sizes of denture teeth in our on-site denture laboratory

  • Thousands of denture tooth mold and shade combinations are available for each denture

Ask us about our Comfa-GripTM denture system that include: dentures that stay in better, also offering completely natural looking life-like cosmetics, maximum shade selection (including white shades), improved odor resistance and a compression molded non-shrink characterized denture base.

New Dentures

Patients who have never worn dentures may need orientation as to what to expect and how to adjust to them. They may likely have a host of questions concerning expectations and apprehensions. Some of these candidates are already edentulous, but most will choose to have their dentures made prior to their teeth being extracted. Dentures that are inserted into the patient’s mouth directly after extractions are called immediate dentures.

Cosmetic Dentures

It is very important that appearance inconsistencies are caught before dentures are completed. This is accomplished at the wax try-in stage. It may be helpful for you to bring a friend along who has ability to help evaluate your smile. All necessary changes need to be made before the dentures go to the next stage where the pink wax will be changed to a gum color acrylic (irreversible). We recommend that, using a mirror, patients make every expression possible; smiling, frowning, laughing, talking, pronouncing words, etc. It is additionally advantageous for denture care providers to compare the try-in with the patient’s current dentures or a picture; making sure the try-in is acceptable, even if they need the laboratory to make some changes. The Family Dentist in Lancaster PA is here to assist their patients in obtaining a natural life-like appearance.

Replacement Dentures

Denture wearers who are seeking to replace their current set of dentures may have been through one or two previous sets. These denture wearers are usually looking to reproduce desirable characteristics of an existing set or may want their provider to make improvements. The Family Dentist has the experience and artistic talent to meet difficult challenges. Challenges like these are often produced more effectively on a one-on-one patient relationship with the technologist who custom manufacturers the dentures.

Problematic Dentures

Problematic dentures are dentures that, for some reason, give patients problems. They could be too loose, too tight, full of sharp spots, gagging them, not allowing them to chew their favorite foods, not staying in well or a host of other problems. We have experience in identifying the cause and remedying these kinds of problems. We invite you for a free consultation.

Lower Dentures

Upper dentures made by The Family Dentist PA stay in like glue without messy adhesives. However, we incorporate special techniques that enhance the retention and stability of lower dentures without use of messy denture adhesives. One technique that really works to make lower dentures stay in better is the Comfa-GripTM System. Other successful techniques are also available; giving positive results for patients who have trouble keeping their lowers snug.

Denture Stability

Denture Stability begins with comfortably and snuggly fitting upper dentures, instilling confidence in denture wearers when they smile, speak and eat their favorite foods. With today’s technology, achieving that is relatively easy. Lower dentures will never fit and function correctly without upper dentures first having adequate retention.

Denture Comfort

Many conditions interfere with comfort in wearing dentures. The dentures could be too tight, loose, rough or overextended in one of its borders. The patient could be hyper sensitive to the dentures or maybe to the materials that the dentures are made from. The Family Dentist is experienced in finding the root of these kinds of problems and providing solutions. 

Denture Materials

A vast array of denture materials in the hands of denture professionals can achieve many positive results in denture care. Skilled technicians are quite knowledgeable of these materials. Having on board a dental technician, that has been custom building complete and partial dentures for over twenty-five years, we have a well rounded in-house dental laboratory background pertaining to modern materials and have a successful track record in utilizing them to produce positive results.

The Family Dentist providing dental services in Lancaster, PA 17601, 1702, 17603, 17611, Lancaster County, PA: Elizabethtown, PA 17022; Akron, PA 17501; Bainbridge, PA 17502; Bart, PA17503; Bausman, PA 17504; Bird in Hand, PA 17505; Blue Ball, PA 17506; Bowmansville, PA 17507; Brownstown, PA 17508; Ninepoints, PA 17509; Christiana, PA 17509; Columbia, PA 17512; Conestoga, PA 17516; Denver, PA 1751; Drumore, PA 17518; East Earl, PA 17519; East Petersburg, PA 17520; Elmhurst, PA 17521; Ephrata, PA 17522; Gap, PA 17527; Goodville, PA 17528; Gordonville, PA 17529; Holtwood, PA 17532; Hopeland, PA 17533; Intercourse, PA 17534; Kinzers, PA 17535; Kirkwood, PA 17536; Lampeter, PA 17537; Salunga, PA 17538; Landisville, PA17538; Leola, PA 17540; Brunnerville, PA 17543; Lititz, PA 17543; Manheim, PA 17545; Marietta, PA 17547; Martindale, PA 17549; Maytown, PA 17550; Millersville, PA 17551; Florin, PA 17552; Mount Joy, PA 17552; Mountville, PA 17554; Narvon, PA 17555; New Holland, PA 17557; New Providence, PA 17560; Paradise, PA 17562; Peach Bottom, PA 17563; Penryn, PA 17564; Pequea, PA 17565; Quarryville, PA 17566; Reamstown, PA 17567; Refton, PA 17568; Reinholds, 17569; Rheems, PA 17570; Ronks, PA 17572; Silver Spring, PA 17575; Smoketown, PA 17576; Soudersburg, PA 17577; Stevens, PA 17578; Strasburg, PA 17579; Talmage, PA 17580; Terre Hill, PA 17581; Washington Boto, PA 17582; West Willow, PA 17583; Willow Street, PA 17584; Witmer, PA 17585; Neffsville, PA 17601; Roherstown, PA 17603; Lancaster, PA 17604; East Lancaster, PA 17605; Lancaster, PA 17605; Lancaster, PA 17606, Lancaster, PA 17607, Lancaster, PA 17608; Adamstown, PA 17501. York County, PA: Dillsburg, PA 17019; Airville, PA 17302; Brogue, PA 17309; Cordorus, PA 17311; Craley, PA17312; Dallastown, PA 17313; Yoe, PA 17313; Delta, PA 17314; Dover, PA 17315; York, PA 17315; East prospect, PA 17317; Emigsville, PA 17318; Etters, PA 17319; Fawn Grove, PA 17321; Felton, PA 17322; Franklintown; PA 17323; Glen Rock, PA 17327; Brodbecks, PA 17329; Glenville, PA 17329; Hanover, PA 17331; Lewisberry, PA 17339; Loganville, PA 17342; Manchester, PA 17345; Mount Wolf, PA 17347; New Freedom, PA 17349; New Park, PA 17352; Porters Sideling, PA 17354; Spring Grove, PA 17354; Railroad, PA 17355; Red Lion, PA 17356; Rossville, PA 17358; Seven Valleys, PA 17360; Shrewsbury, PA 17361; Menges Mills, PA 17362; Spring Grove, PA 17362;  Stewarstown, PA 17363; Thomasville, PA 17364; Wellsville, PA 17365; Windsor, PA 17366; Wrightsville, PA 17368; York Haven, PA 17370; York New Salem, PA 17371; York, PA 17401; East York, PA 17402; Spry, PA 17402; York, PA 17402; Yorkana, PA 17402; York, PA 17403; West York, PA 17404; York, PA 17404; York, PA 17405;  Hellam, PA 17406; York, PA 17406; Jacobus, PA 17407; York, PA 17407.

The Family Dentist in Lancaster, PA is close to Harrisburg PA and a short distance from the following areas in Dauphin County PA

17005 Berrysburg PA, 17018 Dauphin PA, 17023 Elizabethville PA, 17028 Grantville PA, Dauphin County, 17030 Gratz PA, Dauphin County PA, 17032 Halifax PA, 17033 Hershey PA, 17034 Highspire PA, 17036 Hummelstown PA, 17048 Lykens PA, 17057 Middletown PA, 17061 Millersburg PA, 17080 Pillow PA, 17097 Wiconisco PA, 17098 Williamstown PA, 17101 Harrisburg PA 17102 17103 17104 17105 17106 17108 17110 17109 17111 17112 17113 17129, Lower Paxton PA 17109, 17111 Swatara PA, 17113 Oberlin PA, 17113 Steelton PA, Dauphin County Pennsylvania

The Family Dentist in Lancaster, PA is close to Camp Hill PA, Mechanicsburg PA, Carlisle PA as well as the following towns and zip codes in Cumberland County PA

Camp Hill PA 17001, Boiling Springs PA 17007, Camp Hill PA 17011 17012 17089, Carlise PA 17013 17015, Enola PA 17025, Grantham PA 17027, Lemoyne 17043 PA, Mechanicsburg 17050 17055, Mount Holly Springs PA 17065, New Cumberland PA 17070, New Kingstown PA 17072, Plainfield PA Summerdale PA 17093, Newburg PA 17240, Newville PA 17241, Shippensburg PA 17257, Walnut Bottom PA 17266


The Family Dentist in Lancaster, PA is close to Gettysburg PA and a short distance from the following areas in Adams County Pennsylvania:

Abbottstown PA 17301, Arendtsville PA 17303, Aspers PA 17304, Bendersville PA 17306, Biglerville PA 17307, Cashtown PA 17310, East Berlin PA 17316, Fairfield PA 17320, Gardners PA 17324, Gettysburg PA 17325, Idaville PA 17337, Littlestown PA 17340, Mc Knightstown PA 17343, Mc Sherrystown PA 17344, New Oxford PA 17350, Orrtanna PA 17353, York Springs PA 17372, Peach Glen PA 17375, Adams County PA - Dentures Adams County PA


The Family Dentist in Lancaster, PA is close to Bel Air Maryland, Hunt Valley Maryland and a short distance from the following areas in Baltimore County MD

Bel Air MD 21014 21015, Freeland MD 21053, White Hall MD 21161, Parkton MD 21120, Monkton MD 21111, Sparks Glencoe MD 21152, Cockysville MD 21030, Hunt Valley MD 21031, Timonium MD 21093, Baltimore County Maryland

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