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Extractions - Oral Surgery

Teeth are usually removed due to: trauma, periodontal disease, extensive decay or crowding. When a teeth cannot be saved through filling or a crown because of the level of trauma or extensive decay. The teeth probably has to be extracted. The surgical extraction of the teeth is the most common surgical procedure provided in United States.


Simple extraction: When a tooth is visible above the gum line and the dentist can easily remove it with forceps the procedure is named simple extraction.


Surgical extraction: When the tooth is more volatile has yet to grow in, order to extract it, this procedure is named surgical extraction and requires stiches to close the site and it can heal properly. And it's possible that the doctor will prescribed a more specific pain medication following the procedure. 


Through a X-ray is possible determine whether or not the xtraction will be simple or surgical. But there's cases when a simple extraction turns into a surgical one.  When a tooth breaks off during the procedure, it may need to be taken out in pieces. Other common surgical extraction is the one of the wisdom teeth because they are usually impacted, which means that they are not completely erupted into the mouth. Therefore it is necessary cut through bone and tissue to take them out.

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